Microbes are essential to the development and growth of plants. From livestock pastures to lawns, gardens and speciality crops, the application of microbes result in heartier growth and overall health. Without a diverse population of soil microbes, plants are more susceptible to soil-borne diseases and are less efficient at converting nutrients into usable forms.

By using any of our soil inoculants, soil ecosystems are revived. Plants benefit from the diverse species in the soil. Plants also take up nutrients much more efficiently and effectively. This process develops large, healthy root systems. A large, healthy plant is much more apt to produce heartier and more abundant fruit... MORE ROOT, MORE FRUIT!

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  • Break down heavy metals and chemical contaminants in soil
  • Reduce fertilization
  • Provide oxygen to the soil and plant roots
  • Increase soil’s water retention
  • Increase micro/macro nutrient availability
  • Reduce salinity
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Break down organic matter used by the plants
  • Reduce land preparation and cultivation costs

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