As consumer demand for natural and organic foods continues to grow, poultry growers are shifting away from synthetic antibiotics towards the application of live, beneficial bacteria (commonly called “probiotics”), or “direct-fed-microbials.”

Research shows that the addition of live microbes, like those found in Wind River Microbes, reduces the incidence of Salmonella by creating a gastrointestinal environment where bad bacteria struggle to survive. Additional studies in Europe are underway.

Direct-fed-microbials increase economic profitability by:

  • Increasing animal performance
  • Reducing morbidity and mortality
    • The administration of antibiotics can deplete the gastrointestinal tract of microbial populations, often leading to bird death.
  • Decreasing the incidence of bird and human pathogens
    • Poultry are considered a major contributor to the 1.4M cases of salmonellosis in the United States each year.
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