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Without the application of microbes, the root system is only able to take up about 50% of any applied fertilizer and tend to be less healthy. The wheat plants pictured were all fertilized with 200# of 40-0-0 per acre. The plants on the left were also sprayed with 1 quart microbes per acre, while the plants on right received no microbes. Can you see the difference in root health and growth?

Microbes are responsible for so many aspects of plant growth, it is impossible to briefly discuss them all. In a nutshell, here’s what Wind River Microbes will do for your soils, with a direct positive impact on plant growth:

(1) They break down heavy metals and chemical contaminants in the soil;

(2) They will provide oxygen in the soil as well as to the plant roots;

(3) They reduce salinity;

(4) They balance the microbial population;

(5) They enhance nutrient absorption by the plant roots;

(6) They break down organic matter to be used by the plants;

(7) They increase water retention in the soil;

(8) They increase micro/macro nutrient availability;

(9) They reduce land preparation and cultivation costs.

Not only do Wind River Microbes have the above direct effects on the soils, but they will open up the receptors in the plant roots, which are responsible for nutrient absorption. This allows for a maximum uptake of nutrients by the plant, which will result in a thicker, heartier plant growth, and a greater overall yield.

By utilizing Wind River Microbes, you may also reduce the amount of fertilizer inputs. Because the soils are healthier, less growth promoters are required. And by doing the aforementioned, Wind River Microbes will increase your overall profitability! Your soils are richer, plants grow better, and livestock that eat the grass grow better. Maximizing profits are our goal!



Wind River Microbes may be used for a multitude of applications, in addition to those already outlined. They may be used as a topical spray to promote healing of wounds, as an additive to septic systems to reduce sludge accumulations and breakdown of natural wastes, and as an additive to sump systems for hog and dairy operations. We even have a formulation used in the oilfield to clean out sludge in holding tanks. The uses and applications are endless with these amazing little bugs!

Remember, Wind River Microbes are 100% natural and are not harmful in any way to pets, livestock or humans, with the exception of the oilfield formulation. If you have an application you’d like to try, but are unsure of, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

You may call us at 580-465-6788, or email us at info@windrivermicrobes.com.

We look forward to having you as a satisfied customer!


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